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Be yourself and not like the others. No one but yourself  

You can like or love them by try to imitate their personalities which you admire the most. Never imitate by turning them somebody they do not that coming but yourself

If you like yourself,live to see this through for years. Even you like which you got friends,family even partners you let them think you are the usually good person especially when you did some bad things like you acted rust. Which you enjoyed but you don't like their rule so get used to it by growing the adult life.

If you got a top dream then try not giving up and see this achievement to yourself and be grateful that you have been working so hard. No matter which your dream corrupts you that you regrets but you keep stand up for yourself goal. Your Dream will be shared in some projects even living in small world,you will make them acknowledge yourself. However, force is unnecessary as you see fits. Who am I? Well You'll know about me once my dream is achieved. It does not matter who I reaching out to. I would not expect to get my hope higher. Of course, I pick the hard way by trying my best as I could and that is the last.  Ah,I don't care if you heard or see me before if I am an celebrity or an actor in such a small world like this. I wouldn't be surprised. Who knows? Maybe I'l surprise you someday in which you will see that coming in a time. Not my problem if I doesn't have any fans or something. Not like that I insist to persuading you against your choice nor will. 

Like Art? Excellent. Even you live as your username you might not be recognised by the world than this Deviantart if nothing mentioned you ever before for your artworks.No matter how many watchers or friends you got. Without core membership I don't care if I become poor or rich nether of them are not much to me. I'll decide myself what I want and not you all in this world In your other life you spent your subject than art which you are grateful of seeing them as your achievements Opportunity? Hmm I have some but haven't really though much time for myself.

Reality and Fantasy? Reality is cruel but you cannot deny that you liked those people wherever you met or hanged out with.  Even I read news by picking some newspaper often because I never cared about news. Or more precise,I never interested to hear any news that left to other worlds than this world I live in. I don't care about this real world I live in,but I can't be more sad if those people I know dies nor living long distance world or never meet again than childhood  or worse.  I spent my life by not dare comparing the others which I focus on myself and no one. I can't control my fate or the actions I might bring upon my feelings against my peers. Sure I got dreams and also I got visions which I have seen it coming. Not like that I am a man of visions or something. I am a normal human and nothing more.  I love being a deaf myself even that deafness is my gift and nothing I can change for eternal life.  Love and never interesed my humanity. Of course who wouldn't wish to bring fantasy to upon this real world before. Even you wouldn't tell but in secret and some might understand you and try to be part of your views.  Yes, there are some magical but I prefer video game,tv shows and films in my hobbies.

Love and Hate

If you experience love,then you'll know the hate too. hate is part of pain you carry besow inside your heart and mind. But you can't tear both of them apart from yourself since you have to carry both inside your life that part of your experience views upon this world. Maybe that is part of destiny. Maybe not a reason but instincts too. You believe in love but you also believe in true love which you seek beyond women in this world. Even karma is bitch and you cannot allow yourself to be compared the likes of them. Observe love in your views and you get used to that. Lose or win. Cheat or worse. You;ll understand. Can I change that? I don;t know unless I see that for myself and choices. One choice? Bullshit. There is many choices and you either have to pick or some. There is difference trust and care between couples. No surprise if your love match doesn't around in your world or something Not care if my interests is not same as yours. What kind of person of do you like? Not that much of my business but concerns from those that close to you. I won't expect much from you because i intend to see that myself with your words and actions that's all. Like shush and yo'll know. Don't like and you either deal with it or leave. Doesn't bother much to me if they''re ugly and pretty. Such is part of nature. Love can be used by both men and women even bi- transgender,lesbian or gay. I am straight but i have no problem befriend with them by understanding their relationship life. What's love without life,eh? If you love yourself then keep up ad never doubt yourself from those whose bullied you or being rude to you by not respecting your will. If you hate yourself,hate yourself but please stand up with yourself and try to not commit suicide yourself like I almost tried in childlife.  As long there is secrets no matter which is good or bad,they'll always find the truth one way or another. However one for sure they can'  change is your way of life. You'll have to say "over my dead body."

Feelings? Quiet is my strongest feeling before I have many feelings upon on you all which you can tell and  that is I've obsessed so far. It's like a addict to me. Don't remember how but for my instinct,tha one is keeping my hatred aside from showing to this earth nor humanity. till you know who you are talking as you act like you have to be yourself. Even if quiet is part of sadness,I shall enjoy carrying that inside my top feeling no matter how much I got noticed or am being asked lots. no matter how much i try deny,you sure know how to press my buttons. One that I don't want to you become like me and who am I kidding to? I mean, of course my one feeling have the same as the other s and film,tv series,anime,manga and video gaming. Have I picked the person which I liked the most that had the simair feeling and common? You bet! That person is...Young Xehanort i should change this username to quitman 21 or something but boom I am not a core yet.. Welp,never matter if I change my pic id or one image I like from my gallery or hobbies.

You can have the darkness if you wish,but to do that you have suppress the darkness and light inside your heart and that what is make you unique artist.  Even fear,you cannot let it control your brain and you'll overcome somehow.

I am not the darkness,I am not the light...I am a shadow of both darkness and light through my neutral heart. I am Hatredboy and I am proud of myself. Be proud of yourself too~ Young Xehanort and my one personality.

Tumblr Nuuqk0inpx1rytb0jo1 500 By Hatredboy-d9uild by Hatredboy

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Yasser Elbager
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
My name is Yasser Elbager. I am deaf person who sign BSL (British Sign Language) Before English. Muslim Black South Africa

As for this Deviantart,I'm simply an artist nothing more.Even as the hobbyist artist who love art. It is part of my specialties. And also dream too. I have many hobbies and interests for this website of course. I'll do everything I upload to my artworks to give artists or rather my watchers whose wish to watch me forever for updating,are welcome to witness my ideas which beyond your expectations. I am an artist for XPS (Xnalara Posing Studio) to control any models and make it into some images for story and screenshots like artworks. Even in reality and fantasy between living in this entire world,I've no longer interested in humanity nor this world. But I can't live with this if the world or people will not acknowledge my artworks. I mean How do you expect to get their attentions to you? However,do not try to expect any more from me because I spent my times to not doing the same of the likes of these people which make me a unique person. Therefore what's life without accepting any pain or hatred but ripping your heart apart? If you know hate and carry as the hatred inside your heart,then you'll know the light and darkness which both of them are balances for this world. That makes you all special too especially me. I shall give you happiness with my arts.

Please welcome to my deviantart and make yourself useful for me. I'll look forward to seeing your unimagaine opinions. Till then,such a shame we can't meet in real person since we are different worlds,but it doesn't mean you won't be getting used to my username. Call me Hatredboy. One of best reason I live by carrying that.


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